Security Services

Security Services


Hokai Security is a business component that we decided to implement to meet the growing demand for home-based security. After many of our clients requested security solutions, we made it part of Strucon’s vision to offer security solutions that complement our array of landscaping services.

Hokai Security is a solutions provider for domestic security that integrates seamlessly with other services around your property. Our security systems consist of various brands which offer reliable and well-supported products.

We offer the following security solutions:

Electric Fencing

We install domestic electric fencing, which protects the boundaries of your property against intruders. This fencing is the first line of defence, making use of an electric pulse which sends a 9900-volt shockwave. It is non-lethal but enough to stop an intruder. Other security solutions can be added to the electric fence, such as alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Our electric fencing service can be customised to fit your needs.


Security Cameras

We supply and fit motion detection cameras which will send you notifications when any activity takes place within the camera’s range. We believe that high-quality motion sensor cameras are the ideal monitoring equipment for your home. Suspicious activity can easily be observed, and action taken immediately. Effective security camera systems must be able to capture high-resolution clarity and offer a wide field of view.


Alarm Systems

When we design and plan an alarm system we always consider the importance of entry points. We provide alarm systems with hi-tech strategically-placed sensors that trigger the alarm. This activates a sharp sound, captures the motion, and calls on your security company.


Access Control

Many homes and businesses are using a professional access control system to prevent access from unwanted guests, and to offer entry to selected individuals who are granted access. What makes access control technology so much more than controlling entry is the back-end software and reporting that offers you the control over the entire property. Once installed, staff, contractors or households can receive an access card, or make use of a pin number or biometrics (fingerprints and other unique physical indicators) to allow/deny access. Time and attendance will report who entered a particular location, and at what time. If the access control system is bypassed or forced, this triggers the alarm.

Security Products