Wooden Decking Services

Wooden Decking Services


Backed by 10 years of hands-on experience, Urban Timber understands the value that wood decking adds to any home environment. Incorporating wooden decking into any living area improves the style of the space. Upgrade your entertainment area and renovate your home with a touch of timber. Urban Timber is a specialist wooden decking installer with extensive knowledge that offers customer satisfaction every time. Our prices are affordable and flexible to meet your budget.

All our materials are locally supplied, pre-quality-checked, and approved by our qualified specialists. All wooden products are termite treated.

With a wide range of wooden decking materials available, such as natural timber and eco-composite decking, we install the following:

Eco Composite Decking

The benefits are all-embracing when you consider our wood/plastic composite decking material. Eco composite decking is a popular and new way of creating impressive flooring solutions for your exterior environments. This low maintenance option of decking will offer the same as standard wood decking but with an environment-friendly edge. Forget about splintering and splitting wood when you consider this option.


Saligna Wood Decking

This even-textured wood is a popular choice that is easily available and inexpensive. The versatility is almost endless: This wood is used to produce long-lasting furniture and wood decking that is naturally dark in colour and low on maintenance. Various shades and colours can be selected to produce a final product that illustrates quality and appeal.


Teak Wood Decking

Teak wood is a yellowish tropical wood with a hint of leather scent. This material is robust and long-lasting for wooden decking that will remain a well-preserved product for years. Its tropical nature, high in tensile strength and with a tight grain, makes it particularly suitable for all weather conditions.


Meranti Wood Decking

Light brown or reddish purple in colour, Meranti wood decking is popular in South Africa due to its availability and workability in construction. The substrate is sturdy and long lasting in quality. If you are after a peculiar look, the rough texture and soft natural lustre will convince you to consider our Meranti wood decking.


Pine Wood Decking

Locally prepared and timbered, pine wood decking is an affordable option as it avoids import charges. Though this wood is lighter substance, it still has great inherent strength. If you are looking for an easy-to-customise solution which is affordable and effortlessly coated with various colours, then our pine wood material is for you. The velvety, yellow texture of pine wood looks great for any home.

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